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GenoExplorer™ microRNA Quantitative RT-PCR Kit

GenoExplorer™ miRNA quantitative RT-PCR kit has been developed and optimized to amplify specific microRNAs, allowing real time quantitation of miRNA expression levels. This system can achieve microarray scanners. This kit provides a simple and highly sensitive tool to quantify specific miRNAs.

GenoExplorer™ microRNA Expression Analysis

  • GenoExplorer™ microRNA array full kit
  • GenoExplorer™ microRNA array labeling kit
  • GenoExplorer™ microRNA array chip
  • GenoExplorer™ microRNA array probe set
  • Other reagents related to miRNA expression analysis
  • MiRNA analysis full service

GenoExplorer™ Genome Alteration Analysis

We provide full services for the genome alteration analysis including genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms, microsatellite repeats, gene rearrangements, gene amplifications and losses. GenoExplorer™ provides genome alteration analyses including polymorphism genotyping (such as SNPs and STRs)

QS™ DNA Extraction Kit

QS™ DNA extraction kit provides new DNA extraction method for DNA testing. It is extremely quick and simple, taking 2 steps and ~5 minutes to extract DNA from many types of tissues and cells.

EduPrimer™ Alu
DNA Profiling Kit

The EduPrimer™ DNA Profiling Kit is specifically designed to introduce students to the principles and applications of PCR, focusing on its real-life use of DNA profiling in forensics and disease research.